I lived in New York, Florida, Arizona, and Texas. ​I am married with two children. My journey led me to my first career in the beauty industry. I received an Aesthetics, Cosmetology, and Nail Technician license. So, Cosmetologist Specialist would be the professional name, I was given. Being unfulfilled thus far in life, my next journey brought me to think about going to college. At this time, I had been out of school for almost 7 years. I was struggling working full-time, living on my own, and barely making it, while living paycheck to paycheck. 

I knew there was something more, do to and be in my life. My next journey, led me back to school to get my psychology degree. I started taking college courses and was successful in my journey, yet there were trying times and I had to take some steps back before I could take those few steps forward again. 

We all have different paths and different struggles as children, teenagers, and as adults, we grow as we become the person we are today. I completed my Associate of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Arts Degree, and Master of Science in General Psychology Degree.

I have now been teaching for almost 9 years at college level undergraduate courses. ​The many courses I taught, inspired me to think about the information I was delivering to my students. The conclusion that I reached was there are many students coming out of school writing research on many different types of psychological topics, but how many people are actually helping others to reach their potential and utilizing the knowledge learned from research. This is where I find myself, following a different path.

So, by physically helping people change and realizing their own potentials it allows each person to grow and mature in life. I love reading research, as this is what guides me and how I will help to consult others. This is what led me to complete my own website and Facebook page to discuss these topics monthly. 

My future now is planning to write and travel to discuss my ideas with others. The book is not a guide book or a step by step plan on how to fix yourself. These are proven ideas on how we can change the way we look at ourselves, other people around us, and the benefits these changes can make in our every day lives. We are responsible for our own actions and choices in life.

Once upon completion, each of you will gain some kind of knowledge about your psychological health and well-being. There will be information you will already know and other information that you may need to be learn to implement in your daily lives. A little adjustment in your life can bring health and happiness.

But one thing for sure, you can be successful by making the right choice!

Melissa Giudici, MS/P

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