About Me......

Melissa Giudici, MS/P

I have resided in New York, Florida, Arizona, and Texas. ​I have been married for over 13 years, with two kids 13 and 10. My journey led me to my first career in the beauty industry. Early in my education, I received an Aesthetics, Cosmetology, and Nail Technician licenses. So, in short, a Cosmetologist Specialist would be the professional name. Being unfulfilled thus far in life, my next journey brought me to college. At this time, I had been out of school for almost 7 years. I was struggling working full-time, living on my own, and barely making it, while living paycheck to paycheck. 

I knew there was something more, do to and be in my life. This is when I decided on a Psychology degree. I started taking college courses and was successful in my journey, yet there were trying times and I had to take some steps back before I could take those few steps forward again. 

We all have different paths and different struggles as children, teenagers, and as adults, we grow as we become the person we are today. I completed my Associate of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Arts Degree, and Master of Science in General Psychology Degree.

I have now been teaching for over 9 years in psychology and other undergraduate college courses. ​So, the many courses I have taught, and the people that I have met have inspired me. The conclusion that I reached is, by utilizing the knowledge I have learned from the skills I have gained, thus far will help others in reaching their goals and potentials in life.

So, by physically helping people change or help others realize their own potentials, through the different courses I will be delivering, it allows each person to grow and mature in life. This is what guides me and how I will help to consult others in their lives and businesses. This is what led me to complete my own website, with the instructional courses (coming soon), and social media consulting with advertising on the Facebook platform in psychological health and wellness topics. 

My future now is planning to continue bringing information to others through consulting individuals and organizations with health and wellness knowledge. These courses will include knowledge and information on how we can change the way we look at ourselves, how other people around us think and perceive us, and the benefits these changes can make in our every day lives. We are responsible for our own actions and choices in life. In taking these rewarding four week course on the chosen topic (Anxiety, Depression, Sleep and Meditation, Stress and Happiness, Nutrition and Weight Loss), you will learn how to help yourself.

​Once upon completion of the courses, each of you will gain some kind of knowledge about your psychological health and well-being. There will be information you will already know and other information that you may need to learn and implement into your daily lives. So, a little adjustment in your life can bring you health and happiness that you deserve to have in life. Plus, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

If you are needing to take a course for your professional development, you will receive a certificate of completion, in which you can submit this for attendance for your professional development requirement. This course will include 1 credit towards your professional development in psychology.

Another area of expertise, comes from the Psychoices Health and Wellness Social Media Consulting. I had the opportunity to help advertisers with their Facebook and Instagram Advertising. Through this experience, I want to help others with building their Business Facebook Pages, Instagram Pages, and advertising on those platforms. We would start with a consultation in what your ultimate goals and needs for your business. Then, I will help with the set up and the running of your Facebook Pages and Instagram Pages and advertising for those platforms. This includes help with website development or linking your website to Facebook and Instagram. Some other platforms of interest for helping with advertising your business and posting on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Linkedin sites.

But one thing for sure, you can be successful by making the right choice with Psychoices!